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Facial Reconstruction: Contributing To The Quality Of Life Of Patients

Within the subspecialty of facial and reconstructive plastic surgery, one of the most requested procedures is the post-trauma facial reconstruction and oncological surgery, and the correction of scars, since, improving the damage caused by accidents or diseases, It turns out to be a support for the person’s self-esteem.

When the face’s appearance is affected by an accident or illness, facial reconstruction surgery becomes very important.

This may include scar revision and correction, tissue loss repair, treatment of vascular birthmarks, surgery for craniofacial deformities, or reconstruction after cancer surgery.

All of the above is mainly covered by the management of facial, functional, or restorative plastic surgery.

However, in facial and reconstructive plastic surgery, the most frequent are the corrections of scars on the face “product of multiple causes, such as previous accidents or previous surgeries in which an unsightly scar remained, and correction is needed to improve the quality life of the patient.

The scar will not be erased, but it will certainly improve your appearance as well as the person’s self-esteem.

For the same reason, these interventions work as a complement to oncological surgeries. Currently, we do them, facial plastic surgeons; because we have the appropriate oncological tools and plastic surgery techniques for it, and the scar that one can offer the patient with the reconstruction procedure is much more aesthetic. There are cases in which the person presents a large lesion due to basal cell cancer, which will leave a very unsightly scar if not resected and rebuilt properly. Then, the idea is that it can also be a cosmetic reconstruction without neglecting the proper treatment of cancer.

If we talk about more complex stages, it is also used for large facial resections, such as a maxillectomy.

The surgeon must have the tools to reconstruct a maxilla or a mandible. In the case of the nose, it is done through different types of advanced reconstruction, such as regional flaps or flaps with microsurgery, which is a more complicated procedure that involves tissue transfer from another area of ​​the patient to join it using the microvascular technique.

Most common facial repairs

  • Scars of different sizes and types, anywhere on the face.
  • Reconstructions in children for damage caused by a dog bite. These scars can be old or recent, and, ideally, a plastic surgeon intervenes them from the first moment to obtain better results. They are also frequent in adults.

Nasal reconstruction is known as rhinoplasty and should be performed by a credible nose job surgeon.

Interventions for tumor lesions on the face, moles, and skin cancer. They are performed for aesthetic reasons, and dermatologists generally refer to these patients.…